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About Handley Industries, Inc.: A Story of Enterprise and Progress

Handley Industries, Inc. has banked 85 successful years of diversified manufacturing experience.

It all started in 1925 when W.J. Handley invented and built (in his garage) the first automatic gas water heater with an insulated tank. Presented with an opportunity to broaden the market for low-cost, dependable gas, J.A. Brown and Consumers Power Company of Michigan invested and the Handley-Brown Heater Company was formed.

After 25 years of steady and substantial growth, with new heater products being introduced and sold and the development of a new gas burner to convert coal furnaces to gas, the organization grew.

During World War II, working almost entirely on war production, the Company became involved in the development and manufacture of release racks used on aircraft. Restructured in the mid-fifties, the Handley-Brown Heater Company became the Handley-Brown Company and branched into aluminum transformer substations, light poles, and bridge railings.

In 1960, Handley-Brown sold its heater products and its aluminum fabricating activities and became Handley Industries, Inc., concentrating on further development of the plastic business started in 1958. These products were generally curb, valve, and terminal boxes, meter covers and pedestal meter bases. Handley also continued to improve the release rack (which had been in steady production since the early forties). Although the original envelope dimensions of the release rack were unchanged, our improvements increased the total load capacity of the rack to a maximum of 10,000 lbs.

Aside from the release rack, the Company, in recent years has expanded its product line primarily to serve the gas, water, and telephone utilities. These products are mainly gas and water curb, valve, and terminal boxes, telephone boxes and marker posts. Gas, water, telephone, electric, and the petroleum industries are finding wide application for these Handley plastic products in the area of transmission and distribution. More recently, the Company introduced valve supports and plastic curb stop valves for valves " - 2". Our entry into this new market is explained below.

Observing the growing use of PE distribution piping and recognizing the need for compatible valving, Handley personnel began a developmental program in 1982. The first objective was to produce a plastic ball valve that would eliminate the need for corrosion-inhibiting valve coatings, cathodic-protection, and periodic federally-mandated piping system inspections and thus provide a longer life.

Having already designed a support base for plastic valves, we joined our new service shut-off valve, our curb box, and our support base and created a system that would assure the proper alignment of the curb box and valve turning head. This achieved, we named it: the "HANDLEY SEAL TIGHT SUPER TOUGH SYSTEM."

The plastic used in Handley products are non-corrosive, high quality, strong and durable as you will note while reading about our products. Handley products will withstand all normal soil and weather conditions and will never rust, or rot. Overall careful manufacturing and inspection procedures are followed to help assure that a quality product is produced to specifications.

Today, Handley Industries continues to uphold its legacy of innovation, skillful development, and quality manufacturing for which it has been noted for over 70 years.

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