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Price Table:
Often more than one HANDLEY Valve Box will satisfy your requirements.   The following table reflects the price position for similarly equipped valve boxes.

4" 'C' 

6" 'C' 

4" 'T' 

6" 'T' 

Bell Plate Models

6" with a 12" Bell 'X'


Valve and Valve Box Compatibility:
To locate the valve boxes that are compatible with your valve please follow this link:  System Compatibility Chart

'C' Model Multi-Boxes 4 Inch and 6 Inch with 6 Inch Squared Bell  

'T' Model Multi-Boxes 4 Inch and 6 Inch with 10 Inch Squared Bell

Multi-Box Parts and Accessories




4 Inch Valve Box with a 6 Inch Bell Parts and Accessories




6 Inch Valve Box With 12 Inch Bell 'X'

6 Inch Valve Box 'S', 'B', and 'X' Parts and Accessories



Bell Plate Valve Boxes 4 Inch or 6 Inch with 'C' or 'T' Bell

Bell Plate Valve Box Parts and Accessories


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