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  1. Keeping the box on the valve, and helping to hold the box upright during backfill.

  2. Preventing the valve from losing its alignment due to frost heaving or ground settlement.

  3. Preventing the valve from turning or sliding.

  1. 192.179 - "The valve must be supported to prevent settling of the valve or movement of the pipe to which it is attached."

  2. 192.181 - "If the valve is installed in a buried box or enclosure, the box or enclosure must be installed so as to avoid transmitting external loads to the main."

  3. 192.193 - "Each valve installed in plastic pipe must be designed so as to protect the plastic material against excessive torsional or shearing loads when the valve or shut off is operated, and from any other secondary stresses that might be exerted through the valve or its enclosure."

  4. 192.365 - "Each underground service-line valve must be located in a covered durable curb box or stand pipe that allows ready operation of the valve and is supported independently of the service lines."

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